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What Our Students are Saying

Meet Butch,
Our First Astoria Aviation Student.
Here is what Butch has to say about his experience.
"My name is Butch and live in Warrenton with my wife Susan. I decided to continue my flight school training after moving to the area and was made aware of Astoria Aviation flight school.
I was very impressed with the flight school Instructor, Thaddeus and the aircraft I would be learning on. He refreshed my memory from previous flight school lessons and quickly brought me up to speed on different aircraft - and allowed me to learn in a timely manner. I look forward to my future lessons and flight time in the sky!
My previous aircraft experience included Army helicopter mechanic and Crew Chief. Quite different from fixed wing pre-flight, in-flight and post flight knowledge but with able Flight Instructors as part of the Astoria Aviation Team I was able to learn the necessary requirements quickly.
You will be able to plan and schedule your way through ground school, get the necessary hours of flight time and solo as a Private Pilot in no time." *

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